Water babies

Born to Swim

Brain develops rapidly in infant stage. Early learning experience helps maximize the brain development

Course Detail

We recommend babies aged 6-month to start swimming so to maximize their various capabilities in the water

Underwater photography

Let us design a avaluable gift for the babies from their parents


近因應最近新型冠狀病毒疫情,本校決定將所有游泳班及泳隊訓練由2022年1月7日起暫停至 *另行通知*。


<Arrangement of Stanford swimming class and swimming team training>

In view of the latest situation of epidemic, we announced that all swimming classes and swimming team
training will be suspended from 7 January 2022 *until further notice*.
For further swimming class and swimming team arrangement, we will contact by phone or inform by
SMS and update on our website.